Juan Sánchez Grants Us A ‘Rebirth’

Music creators will run into much self-doubt in their journey. The process of crafting sounds from scratch as a solo performer is even more difficult. There is no one to really bounce your ideas of. This often leads to questioning if what you are doing is worthwhile to the masses. When you are able to […]

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Dandy John Lets You Into His ‘World’

Straight from the musical mind of creative genius, Dandy John comes an amazing new song. “World” by Dandy John has completely captivated the hearts and minds of all his fans from all over the world. Originally from Switzerland, this independent singer-songwriter has made his debut song a hit in fact on Reverbnation it has topped […]

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Music Video Premiere – “Love’s Truth Behind” by Vandenborre

We continue to keep our ears open for music that alters the rules and breaks down barriers and genre constrictions. The amazing musical mind of Nic Vandenborre has returned to offer us another uniquely original song in “Love’s Truth Behind”. Even luckier for us all, Vandenborre has given Indie Band Guru the opportunity to exclusively […]