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Genre Knows No Bounds For Lexxi Raine With Upcoming EP ‘Guilty’

Singer songwriter Lexxi Raine has a new EP coming out on June 20th and we could not be more excited! You probably remember the Buffalo based musician from her EP Fun While It Lasted. Well, she’s back and she’s switching things up! Guilty features five tracks that fit within the genre of country, which is far different from the work she’s done in the past. Throughout these songs, Lexxi Raine shows us that she can do it all, as she draws listeners in from the first line. Some artists write music because it’s catchy and some write music that tells stories that stick with us long after we’ve finished listening. Lexxi does a terrific job with both and has me craving more already!

She has an instantly recognizable voice that manages to blend fluidly with each genre she experiments with in a seemingly effortless manner. The five tracks, titled “All I’m Asking,” “Guilty,” “I Don’t Want Your Man,” “Won’t Make it til I Do” and “Guilty” each tell a riveting story, while simultaneously making one very cohesive body of work. 

Lexxi Gives Us Refreshingly Raw Lyrics

In “All I’m Asking,” Lexxi unapologetically shares about what it’s like to struggle with depression and anxiety, singing “My friend is stopping over named anxiety//Depression makes an appearance ‘cause he missed me.” She continues by stating that she just needs some time to figure it out for herself, with no desire to be saved or fixed by someone else. Her ability to explore those topics in depth with her music is truly unique and makes this EP very relatable to so many fans who experience these same struggles.

The pacing, instrumentals and vocals for these tracks are sewn together beautifully. We gain insight into multiple topics, including love, mental health and independence. Lexxi is an artist that teaches us about ourselves as well as who she is as an artist, which is a unique and powerful talent, that she shows us yet again within the lyrics and melodies of these five tracks.

Get Caught Up On Everything Lexxi Raine

With the release date coming right up, be sure to check out Lexxi’s past work. You can find her YouTube channel here, where she has music videos, live studio sessions and a series titled Nope. Still Not Famous. This series shows exactly what type of person Lexxi Raine is behind her music. She’s funny, relatable and refreshingly honest about her experience in the music industry and discusses a wide range of topics as she navigates what has and hasn’t worked for her, trying to make it bigger in the music scene. 

I listen to lots of music and it is a rare gem to find an artist putting in this level of work for herself in order to succeed. Lexxi Raine is clearly a very talented musician, but the dedication she has to herself goes far beyond the making of the music. Not only does she have a YouTube series, but she also has a blog, where she lets us get to know her even better. She also toured the UK, sharing her music with fans internationally. Be sure to check out her website, where you can get your merchandise and stay up date on tour dates so you can see her live!

You can also connect with Lexxi Raine on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I’m lucky enough to hear the music early and I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I do. So, go ahead and set your reminders for the release of Guilty on June 20th, and in the meantime, check out her previous music on Spotify!

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PREMIERE: The Experience Of ‘Nadine Codeine’

There is not one category that defines The Prof. Fuzz 63. They are their own unique genre. This can be especially said for their newest release, ‘Nadine Codeine’ which is out tomorrow, May 15th.

The band is part alternative, part psychedelic rock, and largely punk.

A rare modern example of a character song exists with ‘Nadine Codeine.’ This style seemed to become popular and then disappear in the ’70s. By character song, I mean that this song does not directly tell of a singer’s troubles or triumphs. Instead, it discusses love, trauma, death, etc, through the use of a character who is the catalyst for the storytelling. In the case of ‘Nadine Codeine’, the character is trying to navigate a bizarre world. This world is consistently baffling. Yet, they cannot help but see beauty despite the fact that they have been thrust into it. Sound familiar?

‘Nadine Codeine’ also does not shy away from its psychedelic elements. which have become a very distinctive taboo in the modern music scene.

The Prof. Fuzz 63 can even be described as ‘trippy.’ However, this does not make The Prof. Fuzz 63, or ‘Nadine Codeine’ outdated in any sense. Indeed, it is so incredibly modern that it is clearly ahead of its time.

This seamless blending of retro psychedelic punk and modern alternative rock is a sound to behold. If any of today’s pop songs wear on you due to their apparent similarity to one another, discovering a band like this with a song as unique as ‘Nadine Codeine’ is incredibly refreshing.

Perhaps what makes the band work so well together is how cohesive they are as a unit. They create a strong sound without anyone overlapping one another or drawing attention to one element of the music over the other.

It is difficult to find any specific bands that remind one of The Prof. Fuzz 63, but if you have a taste for modern indie, you’ll like The Prof. Fuzz 63, and you’ll especially love Nadine Codeine. I can also safely say that if you enjoy the likes of Nirvana, this song will most likely be right up your alley. ‘Nadine Codeine’ by The Prof. Fuzz 63 is their lead single in their fourth album, ‘Owls.’

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Chat With Jaguar Jonze at NYC Colossus Festival

Before the world and the music industry came to a screeching halt last week, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Colossus Music Festival in New York City. The conference and festival were set to run from March 11th through March 15th with artists from all over the world. The Coronavirus chaos launched a huge disruption into the plans. Bands and panelists were forced to cancel and then by Friday full events and venues were forced to close. 

Fortunately, I made it out on Thursday to catch some informative panels and performances. One amazing show that truly stuck out was from Australian artist Jaguar Jonze. The multi-talented artist had recently performed in front of millions as part of Eurovision AustraliaDecides. A performance in which she dislocated her shoulder. This only intrigued me more so I made sure to make it to her US debut on Thursday, March 12th at Bowery Electric. I was not to be disappointed. 

Jaguar Jonze dominated the stage even without the large crowds she has become accustomed to back home. The energy was immediately infectious and the people in the room took notice. As she went from playing flute, to guitar, to bouncing around the stage, the attention was solely on the music and the art that was in front of us. This show will be a memory that anyone there will be bagging about as Jaguar Jonze hits mainstream success in the not too distant future. 

Even more honored, I had the chance to chat with Jaguar Jonze before the show. Here is some of our conversation:

Required pre-interview selfie

When asking about the name jaguar Jonze she explained that fans had given her the name due to her stage persona being so different than her everyday life. A mysterious cat became who she is organically.

She explained the other Jonze personas as well. Spectator Jonze is an illustration project where she interviews individuals and then a colorful portrait comes together of what was shared. Dusky Jonze is a photography element where she exposes the reality and beauty of bodies that should be celebrated in every form, bumps and all.

When asked to describe her sound, the atypical response was ‘spacy cowgirl’. That could be a perfect description. According to Jaguar Jonze this sound is influenced by a wide array of artists including Johnny Cash, Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen, The Last Shadow Puppets, and War On Drugs.

Music for her is like a conversation with herself. When she stops creating she stops talking to herself and loses the mental well being she wants to be at. 

She explained the February shoulder injury during the Live National TV final of Eurovision AustraliaDecides. It happened at a moment that seemed so innocuous in her primal performance. Just leaning on her shoulder and then it popped out. She managed to drive on after spending a little extra time on the floor due to the fact that she couldn’t get up. After taking the actual video to her doctor he was able to pick out the spot where the shoulder popped out and then popped back in. After questioning how this could happen on live TV, she just said “no’ let’s go and crush it. Still 4 months of rehab to do.

She stays true to herself and is fine with playing the long game. Her advice for other unique artists is to be authentic and keep doing what you do. Eventually, people will fall in love with your world, but that takes time.

She was depressed with the SXSW cancelations but still planned to continue her US tour through Houston, San Francscothe world pandemic and make the best of the situation. It is a weird and unknown time where we will follow the new hour by hour.  (Unfortunately, all shows were canceled and the band had to find a way to get a flight back to Australia before all international flights were grounded.) 

She gave us a deadline for a new EP due out in April. It was done and dusted back in Australia and is ready for the world to hear. We are definitely waiting impatiently to hear it.

Learn more about Jaguar Jonze and keep tabs on the new release on her WEBSITE and social media channels.


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Let’s Get Sideways with Creature and the Woods

San Diego based indie folk band, Creature and the Woods are back with a brand new EP J Tree, which released on May 10, 2019. After forming in 2014 compromised of the city’s most well-accomplished musicians, the band went on to release their first EP in 2017. Wonderfully, this earned them critical applause. Their newest single from the EP, “Sideways,” is making its impact across streaming platforms.

With a soulful almost country vibe, “Sideways” reminds me of that perfect moment towards the end of the night at a wedding. It’s when everyone has calmed down and is swaying together to a slow song. This song is that beautiful moment. While it’s lyrics don’t exactly match the same mood, the tone sets the pace wonderfully.

Lyrically, the song comes across as wistful. That’s to say, there’s a longing to what the band is trying to portray. Looking for that place you feel welcome and at home while trying not to get too lost in it. With repetitive lyrics and a continuous beat, it’s an easy to learn song that will appear to the masses.

The release of “Sideways” comes with an accompanying music video, featuring Creature and the Woods performing their most recent single live at the Lafayette Hotel back on New Year’s Eve. Earning nearly 300 views in just a couple of days, the band is definitely gaining a following. The video displays the band’s intimate performance as they belt out the lyrics and sway to the beat. It’s a moment the viewers would wish they’d been a part of. The glow of the orange lighting, in combination with their stunning harmonies leaves little to be desired within this track.

Keep up with Creature and the Woods’ most recent releases on social media: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM


PREMIERE: Serena Foster Releases “I

Lighting a passion within her at the age of five, music has played a monumental role in Serena Foster‘s life. Dedicating a majority of her adolescence singing and songwriting through the leadership of her father, who was also a musician, Serena continues to craft her art to perfection. Spending years working within the Americana genre, but has since spent time rediscovering herself. Her introspection lead to a transition into the pop and EDM world that her hometown fans in Los Angeles have come to adore.

Currently Serena has been busy playing packed shows all over Los Angeles while releasing music produced by Raz Klinghoffer. Klinghoffer is more commonly known as DJ alias “Hamster” and his work can be heard on shows like American Horror Story. Together the pair worked on “Oh Oh Oh,” a song that was placed in Netflix original, Lucifer.

“I <3 CA” shines just as bright as the sun in So-Cal.

Working the Los Angeles area extensively, Serena has deep connections to her home in California. Today Serena is releasing, “I <3 CA” a single that explores every nuance of her life and love for the place she calls home. Playful, upbeat, and effervescent, the single displays the youthfulness and vitality that Serena Foster holds.

“I <3 CA” is hypnotic and addictive, with Serena’s vocals soaring high over catchy synth beats. Foster takes you on a personal journey during the song, showing you how she see’s her Southern California life. The single shines and truly emanates the care-free vibe of the Golden State.

Serena will be continuing to play shows and make appearances throughout Los Angeles in the coming months. You can support Serena and purchase “I <3 CA” via iTunes. Be sure to follow Foster on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to keep up with her busy career!

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Big Apple Comic Con Through The Eyes Of Grace

Being a part of the music and entertainment industry definitley has its perks. I get to experience amazing performances, events, and conventions. Earlier this month I had the opportunity to share this with my 9-year old daughter Grace at the amazing Big Apple Comic Convention. She wanted to share her adventure with the Indie Band Guru readers. Please enjoy the first journalistic coverage from Grace Profeta:

My name is Grace Profeta. On  March 10th, 2019 I went to the Big Apple Comic Con in New York City. It was super fun. I dressed up as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.  This is what me and my dad did.

First, we got food.  The hot dogs, which were amazingly good were from Feltman’s of Coney Island. We also got soda from Wild Bill’s Old Fashioned Soda Pop Co. The soda was really good too. There were seven different flavors. My favorite flavor of soda was outlaw orange. The soda was caffeine free too.  

After that, we met Percy Weasley from Harry Potter. His real name is Chris Rankin.  Once he saw me he waved me over because I was Hermione Granger and I was from the same movie.  I was happy to meet him and took a picture with him.

Next we saw all the comics. There were so many! We bought 2 graphic novels and four comic books.  One of the comics named Owlgirls was by Dave Ryan. He signed it for me. We also got a poster of Boba Fett signed by Dave Ryan. Dave Ryan was very nice. He talked to me about drawing comics.

Then I did the virtual reality by Popup Gaming.  I did the Star Wars E. You had to walk around Tatooine doing what Han Solo told you to do. You get to protect R2D2 and fix the Millennium Falcon.  After, we took a picture in a Star Trek chair and with a cardboard poster of a Klingon. In the picture with a Klingon, I dressed up as a star trek woman.

We also got to use real comic book ink pens! I drew Star Wars characters. When I was drawing, Pikachu gave me a hug!  I was drawing and my dad told me to look behind me and there was Pikachu!

There were panels too!  We saw a panel about monsters in movies and video games. Actors use motion capture technology to become monsters. We saw  Godzilla and the three heads of King Ghidorah from the new Godzilla: King Of Monsters movie. It was really interesting.

My favorite part of the day was the Padawan Light Saber Training from Star Wars. Me and some other kids learned to do a force push.  Then we got lightsabers (which we were allowed to keep). We learned some moves. We fought a Sith Lord and his padawan, and we won! That was the end of the comic con. I loved it!  And even though the day was over I will always remember the fun day at the Big Apple Comic Con.

I have a feeling we will be attending more events like this as a journalistic team. Daddy and daughter can’t wait. And we will be at Big Apple Comic Con next year, that is for sure.

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‘Can’t Take It’ by Sam Hale – IBG Music Video Premiere

We are extremely pleased to premiere the latest music video by the amazing Sam Hale. Get ready for a dark and wild trip with “Can’t Take It”

We caught up with Sam to learn the story behind the video. Read his description below:

The concept of this video revolves around the idea of group manipulation. In our society, we are both positively and negatively affected by the power of the group. There have been studies done to show that people are more likely to follow the lead, regardless of how irrational it may seem. Every once in a while, there is an outlier.

In this video, we pay homage to our lead mouse who is captivated by the cult leaders persuasive ways yet smart enough to realize the mistake he’s about to make is fatal. 
After the lead mouse sees the other mice dying off from the ceremonial cheese, that in theory is to take you to the Gods, he decides to run away. This ignites a chase scene that is supported by the uplifted bridge of the song. 

The mouse thinks he got away when he wakes up from the terrible dream but realizes the dream was real when the cat walks by and his eyes flash for a split second. 
We wanted to have some fun with the video and have a bit of a twist at the end 🙂

Mission accomplished!

Keep up with more new music and news from Sam Hale HERE.

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IBG Interview – 9 Questions With… JordanLivinGood (and Beast Mode premiere)

It is great to find an artist that realizes that music will find no listeners without doing the work to market it. Our new friend JordanLivinGood is a whiz at music marketing and is here to show us how to do it with his new video for “Beast Mode”.

Enjoy the interview here:


First off, What is the story of the name JordanLivinGood?

My first name is Jordan and my initials are JLG. I wanted to have a name that represents me, and something that has a positive vibe to it as well.


How would you describe your sound?

 I would describe my overall sound as URBAN MUSIC. The reason I call my sound urban music is, because I make records from Hip Hop, Pop, RnB and all the way to electronic music.


Which artists have had the biggest influence on your development?

 The three main artists that have influenced my style would be Drake, Pimp C, and Juicy J. 


What drives your love for creating music?

I love making music because it lets me express myself in many different ways, and also lets me escape from life.


You also make beats under the name Rhyme King. How is producing and rapping different for you?

It all depends on what style of production I’m creating because making trap beats can take me about 10 minutes to create and making a boom bap beat could take at least 30 minutes to create. Writing a whole song can take from 30 minutes to days to complete.


What is your songwriting process? How does a song come together for JordanLivinGood?

The first thing I like to do when I’m writing a song is to come up with a simple catchy hook, after listening to the instrumental for a couple of times. Then I start to write the first verse for the song, then the b sec and second verse. When I’m recording, I record the song all on one track, so I can have a scratch vocal to learn the words of the song. Then, I come back when I feel confident in knowing the words, and lay down the real thing piece by piece.


Tell us the story behind your new song “Beast Mode”

I was on vacation in ATL, and I was shopping at a clothing store and saw this shirt that had beast mode written all over it. I had no choice but to buy this shirt. At dinner with my family, I told them I’m going to make a song after this shirt, because I thought it was so dope. I made the beat in the hotel room later on that night and wrote the song on the plane back to Austin.


What advice would you give to other artists trying to build a name for themselves?

 The one major advice that I can give an artist, is that they have to market their music, or it won’t go anywhere.


How does the future look for JordanLivinGood?

I’m currently working on my first album “The Wake Up”, which will be dropping early 2019. I also have an animated video coming soon, which will be the second single off of the album.


Keep up with more JordanLivinGood HERE.