Kacee Playaa – Using The Support Of The Local Scene For Success

As the internet music scene has expanded we have seen the decline of local scenes working together to help out.  Rising artists need this local support to help them sharpen their skills face to face.  Hiding behind a computer screen will never gain you the real fan interaction that you need.  Kacee Playaa seems to know this and is on the right track.

Kacee Playaa

The Hip Hop talent from the 936 in Madisonville, Texas has been refining his skills for years but only truly dove into his music seriously last summer.  Kacee Playaa hooked up with the CloudNineEnt team for the push and support that he needed.  Though he wasn’t born in that locale, his upbringing there has led to a real connection with it.  After the passing of close friends DJ Kidd and Kashun “Kush” Moore, Kacee knew he had to get his music and feelings out into the world.

The result is the TruePlayasLifestyle mixtape that he released last month.  The full 15 track record is a great introduction to what Kacee Playaa has to offer.  The stage is set with the opener “Go Gettas Only”.  The sweet rap flow will get heads swaying nice and slow as they focus on the lyrics.  The smooth beat of “Chillout” with its elegant piano trills will relax the mind as Kacee tries to get you to just chill.  The sounds of “Concepts” are a little more experimental with the deep bass creating a different feel and the machine gun vocals putting the freestyle skills on full display.  The autotune will warp your mind even further on this one.  The club banger of the record is “I Need That” with the sonic space being filled with spacy sounds and the flow attacking the senses.

You can hear the mixtape for yourself at:

Keep up with what’s next at:

twitter: @KaceePlayaa

instagram: ninebabee

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