Danjah317 – Putting Your Dreams Into Your Music

Coming up with ideas for your songwriting is not as hard as many make it out to be.  When you are able to put your real life and thoughts into your music the rest will come much easier.  Don’t hide who you are, share it and you will gain true fans that want to help you achieve your goals.  A good example is the music of Danjah317.

The group is made up of 3 ambitious and knowledgeable young men from Indianapolis, Indiana.  Even though they are just reaching their 20’s now they have been in the game for a while refining their skills.  Danjah317 has seen the local scene fall apart and they feel it is the lack of unity that has caused this demise.  This hip hop group is hoping to change that.

The top track by Danjah317 is “I Just Want It All”.  The boys wrote the song 5 years ago when they were going by the name Danjah Boyz.  The smooth track has an excellent production job by Johnny Juliano.  The lyrics are their testament to the drive they have to reach a successful music career.  The hook dives deep into your memory and will be there way after the 4 minute track is done.  Get it stuck in your head here:

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