Kastiell and Dan Marsala Call for a “Brave New World

The global pandemic has been the center of attention in the media since its start in late 2019-early 2020. With news about the virus spreading like wildfire across every media platform imaginable, people were being fed with false information and left with immense amounts of uncertainty.  

This is the theme behind the new single and music video from post-hardcore band Katiell, “Brave New World (ft. Dan Marsala of Story Of The Year).”

Kastiell is a post-hardcore band based out of Perth, Western Australia. The band consists of Dylan Symonds (vocals), Beau Chapman (guitar), Brett Dunn (guitar), Leonardo ‘Duff’ Cataytay (bass), and David McCormick (drums). Kastiell has risen to fame across Perth, selling out shows thanks to their wild stage presence. 

Dan Marsala of Story Of The Year joined forces with Kastiell to mix, master, and sing guest vocals for “Brave New World.” The song is off Kastiell’s upcoming EP set to drop later this year. 

The single has been out since April 2021, but the video was recently released on June 30, 2021. 

The protests and riots visualized in the video perfectly capture the uproar caused by the media’s constant deception. 

Lyrics such as “We won’t back down! Hope you started running, better know that we are coming now. Run for your life! There’s something really wrong, the same things we both know” makes the song almost a battle cry of the public that fear caused by the media’s reputation of twisting stories will no longer control us. 

Watch “Brave New World (ft. Dan Marsala of Story Of The Year)” Here:

Aside from the classic post-hardcore sound full of breakdowns that I love, I really love what this song stands for. In an interview with, vocalist Dylan Symonds said that “The track was inspired by the people who aren’t being heard when they should be.” 

The song gives these unheard people a voice. It is a call for change and an example that unity is power.

Quotes from vocalist Dylan Symonds and bassist ‘Duff’ on “Brave New World”:

“There was a lot of uncertainty and isolation in the world during this time and we wanted to put across a message that focussed on building a better tomorrow rather than dwelling on the past”. – Dylan Symonds

“The Concept of the Music Video represents the people on how they value humanity as they take the positive side from all the negativity that’s happening around the globe. To unite and stand as one is the only way for the world to move forward despite all the bad things that happen around the world right now and with all the misinformation given by the mainstream media to the people.” – Duff

I think Kastiell did a great job on portraying the determination of the public to fight back against media deception. If you’re a fan of bands such as A Day to Remember, Story of the Year, Thrice and Rise Against, then I highly suggest giving Kastiell a listen!

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