One House Worship Provides “Victory” For All Of Us

Our recent discovery, One House Worship, recently released a new single “Victory” as an ode to overcoming difficulties with a smile on your face.

The collaborative is made up of a group of writers, producers, and cutting-edge creatives that share their faith through fresh pop-friendly sounds with well-thought-out lyrics as well. The mission of One House Worship is to create hope and positivity.

Celebrate “Victory” With One House Worship

Produced by a global leader, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and global pastor of One Church Touré Roberts alongside award-winning producer Brunes Charles, “Victory” gives us an even more upbeat sound that exudes joy.

The soaring vocals lead the song over a dancey beat that will get the listener moving along. Electric sounds come in from all angles to keep the song fresh and keeping the attention fixed. This is one that could fit just as well on the mainstream radio as it does at a gathering of faith.

Prior to ‘’Victory,‘’ they released their debut EP “He Always Provides” garnering over a million views on YouTube.

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