“Talk Is Cheap!” Kawil’s New Single Here With A Boom

Kawil is a hard-hitting hip-hop artist out of The Netherlands with an undeniable passion for his craft. When listening to his verses, it’s clear that he’s taken the time to master his delivery and assemble the most powerful punchlines possible.  His every word emerges with a ferocious conviction, and it makes for an infectious and contagious channel of emotion between artist and listener.

His latest single, “Talk Is Cheap”, is a highly political piece. The song begins with an authentic sample of a famous Malcolm X speech as the video shows an unknown legend paying homage to one past. Kawil creeps through the colorless scenery and gives a solemn lean against a solid brick wall in respect.


Then, the beat drops, and Kawil is in control.

With a deep voice like his, Kawil is a perfect fit for the old-fashioned boom-bap of this song.

Introduced by a world renowned revolutionary like Malcolm X, he’s definitely got some big shoes to fill. Effortlessly, the emcee steps right into ‘em with a proud zeal and the confidence of a roaring lion. In fact, his gruff and smokey voice even starts to roll into a roar at times, and it allows him to croon with a DMX-like dominance and determination.

But beneath the bravado and behind the baggy clothes, there’s a man with an earnest love for the community and the generations to come. According to Kawil, there’s no more time for talk. The time for action has come down heavily upon us, and there’s no excuse for backing down.

He matches his highly expressive vocalization with energetic movements in the visual to produce a notably influential single meant for millions of ears worldwide.
You can get a good look at him on his Facebook or Twitter.  Be sure to visit his Bandcamp for more music!

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