Labán Hits The Soul With ‘Acércate’

Collaboration has become a huge tool in the life of the modern musician. No longer are there restrictions on geography and time. Now musicians from opposite sides of the world can work together seamlessly to create great art. We recently discovered Labán who has used his reach to connect with an assortment of other musicians to put out music that crosses all borders.

Hailing from Tijuana, Mexico, the singer and songwriter first dove into music at the age of three with the violin and soon after piano. Creating the musical moniker Labán, was an appeal to peace. The word literally means ‘white’ in Hebrew which is the perfect blank canvas to build a better world from.

Once in college, Labán started writing for his first solo album Todos Somos Dueños de Aquí. For this record, he worked with musicians from different places all over the world, most notably Nashville, Austin, and Medellín. These collaborations allowed Labán to truly expand his sound and take influence on a global scale. 

For the most recent single “Acércate”, he features a collaboration from Denver, Colorado-based tenor saxophonist Jeff Miguel. The song is a soulful Jazz based track that reaches into the heart. Although the lyrics are in Spanish, the emotion can be heard in any language. Labán translated some of the song for us explaining a love that is struggling to stay alive from influences out of the couple’s control. The way in which he delivers the lyrics makes us truly feel for him. Instrumentally the smooth tone creates a mellow feel that builds to an assortment of sounds coming together in a chaotic way to make something quite beautiful.

You can keep up with more from Labán HERE.

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