Lee Gullyhigh Combines Influences and Sounds on ‘citalopram’

We all go through difficulties in life. A great way to connect with the listeners is for an artist to share their own life experiences, both the good and the bad. We are all in this together and it is empowering to hear an artist has the same issues that we do. We recently came across Lee Gullyhigh who fully understands this and puts himself into his music.

The young singer and songwriter was born in Paris, France but grew up in London, England, and Geneva, Switzerland. To keep expanding his influence Lee Gullyhigh moved to Colorado, United States to study at the University of Boulder. This wide local experience combined with his years of traveling has given Lee a worldwide outlook on the different ways of life. He has seen a wide variety of difficulties faced by people in all situations. This has become a basis for his music.

Even with struggles in his own life, Lee Gullyhigh took the challenge of putting together his debut album citalopram in between his large college workload of his final year of his degree. The 9 track record ties together a wide variety of influences and genres forming Lee’s unique style.

Right from the opener “Talk Right”, the raw rock energy of Lee Gullyhigh is present. There is an emotion in his voice that bleeds all over the song. A nice guitar solo adds some extra flavor. The tone slows down some with the more folk-influenced “Evil Losers”. The beat keeps us moving along to the bedroom style production.

There are more experimental sounds on the spacy “Choices”. Some vocal effects add to create a unique track. Punk rises to the top on “Learn To Dance”. Sounds crash together for a cacophony that blends with the raw vocals to craft a punk song reminiscent of the early 70’s recordings.

The album closes with “Smile And Wave”. Here we get some keyboard sounds for another interesting element. The emotions are back for a final bow and a nod to doing what you need to do to get through another day in a less than perfect life.

The passion is there and Lee Gullyhigh has plans to keep writing, recording, and improving. Keep an ear out for him.

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