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Linda Debella – Putting Real Issues Into Music

There are many songwriters out there that just regurgitate the same old themes of love and loss that have been populating mainstream music for years.  When an artist is able to put their real passion into their music and take on the tough issues it draws in real fans that can relate to these real life experiences.  Our recent find Linda Debella is a perfect example of the this real artist.

The singer-songwriter is based out of the competitive streets of Los Angeles, California.  Linda Debella truly believes, as we do, that music can be used to ignite and inspire people as well as to make them think.  Her sound is in the pop vein but brings back memories of an earlier time in music when melodic beauty was at the forefront of the songs.  The years of classical piano lessons growing up gave Linda the skills and the hours spent listening to pop radio gave her the inspiration to write songs that move people.  

Linda Debella Shares Power and Emotion

Linda Debella recently released her debut album Jupiter Moon.  The 12 track record is a journey through personal and political topics that make the listener sit up and pay attention.  The opener “Big Bang” sets the tone with a mellow feel led by a piano and Linda’s sweet yet powerful voice.  There is a little bit of a bluesy jazz feel to “Raw”.  The vocal style here is a little raw as well showing a nice range.  The title track “Jupiter Moon” is a very pop-friendly song full of memorable hooks with the undertone of taking on imperialism.  A great lyric video accompanies this one.  Watch it here:



The pop theme continues on “Tattoo” with an alternative rock touch and vocals sung with pure power and emotion.  Another tough issue is tackled on “Unthinkable” as Linda Debella shares her heartfelt thoughts on gun violence.  The chorus is very catchy and will be bouncing in your head for a while after listening.  The album closes with the beautiful piano work of “Pride”.  The prettiness of this one is only heightened by Linda Debella really stretching out her voice to build up a full sound.  Background vocals here only add to the epic feel of “Pride”.

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