Lurid Purple Flowers Explodes From The ‘Darkness’

There is nothing better than talented musicians coming together to form a band. When there is skill as well as passion in the music it creates a swell that can grow quickly. One place that has become a haven for talented musicians to meet is my alma mater Berklee College of Music in Boston. Our recent find Lurid Purple Flowers is the latest band to rise from the hallways of the legendary music school.

The band was formed back in January after meeting at Berklee. The lineup consists of C.A. Newcomb on guitar and vocals, Ben Caito on bass, and Nick White on drums. Together as Lurid Purple Flowers they produce a powerful Rock sound mixed with Blues, Funk and some Grunge sensibility. This combination has woken up the Boston underground music scene with a huge sound. 


Although early in their rise, Lurid Purple Flowers has released some singles leading up to their debut EP Mania. The track “Darkness” is a great introduction to their sound. The big raw energy explodes from the speakers immediately. The vocals of C.A. start off the song with her intense style coming at you fast. Think a grunge-faced Janis Joplin. Her guitar playing turns it up even more. 

The pounding drums of Nick White will speed up your heartbeat as the funky basslines of Ben Caito add some flavor to the raw power. This is music that demands to be listened to at full volume. I look forward to seeing Lurid Purple Flowers live if this recording is any indication of what they can do. 

Find out more about the rising phoenix that is Lurid Purple Flowers HERE.

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