Lushcamp Hits The Heart with “Love You More”

Every band delivers a message in each of their songs. It doesn’t necessarily matter who receives that message, just as long as it’s being heard.

With their recently released debut single “Love You More,” indie rock outfit Lushcamp sends a message of humble honesty to anyone who’s listening. The first song off of their upcoming, self-titled debut album, its vivid lyrics, expressive guitar lines, and wistful vocals give it a rare, memorable quality.

Lushcamp Fronted by Prolific Artist

Lushcamp is fronted by Brooklyn musician and multi-instrumentalist Paul Matarelli. However, it isn’t his first project. Matarelli wrote and published a novel All Roads Lead West in 2012. He then released a solo EP titled Someday a year later. In his spare time, he also writes music for films and television.

Lushcamp, his current project, was formed by in 2015 with him and composer/producer Eran Westwood. Their eponymous debut album will be out June 24 and, in support of its release, they will be playing venues in NYC later this year.

As for “Love You More”, this song is filled to the brim with powerful emotions. There are several aspects within it that help to convey them. To start, strong, striding acoustic guitar lines help create a contemplative mood throughout the song.

This mood is then augmented by echoing, melancholy electric guitar riffs and steadied, mezzo-forte drumbeats coupled with a few well-placed cymbal crashes. They bring a bit of turbulence to this piece that nicely compliments the aforementioned mood.

In turn, the lyrics add a sense of regret and residual longing to the song. The refrain “I love you more” makes that regret and longing all the more evident. Meanwhile, lines like “I’m sick of fucking girls / in the bathroom for the thrill” expose the weariness and futility of chasing cheap thrills. Such fleeting pleasures can’t compare to the true satisfaction of being with a soulmate.

The most prominent aspect of this song is Matarelli’s somber, heartfelt vocals. They give rise to a sobering, poignant tone that truly makes this ballad shine.

Without a doubt, “Love You More” by Lushcamp reminds me of the fullness love can provide, and I’m anxious to hear what they have to offer on the rest of Lushcamp.

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