Shaman Juan – Long Career Keeps Giving

When an artist pours his heart and soul into music it becomes a lifelong mission to continually create and share.  We recently came across Shaman Juan who is a music industry veteran who continues to share with the world.

The lifelong odyssey into the word of music began in the mid 1960’s when Shaman Juan left his native Elkhart Lake, a relatively unknown relaxing lakeside resort village in Wisconsin.  He worked with various bands and record labels, even touring Japan with The Messengers for 6 weeks.  During the 70’s, Shaman Juan loaded a bus with recording equipment and headed to Beverly Hills to continue his musical vision quest.  While there he connected with hundreds of artists and worked on many records, including one of my personal favorites as a child “Disco Duck”.  

Out of these many years of experience, Shaman Juan built up a persona as a mellow-voiced, master of instruments (he has been featured on over 25 stringed instruments), and a man with something to say and share with the world.

Shaman Juan Is A Testament To Staying Power

As he prepares to celebrate his 50th year in the music industry, Shaman Juan is releasing his new record titled Blabbermouth.  The 12 track album is defined by contrasting sounds that breathe life into his humanistic message of evolution and love.  Drummer extraordinaire Clyde Stubblefield lends his talents and vibe throughout the record.  The opener  “Freedom” sets the tone right away with a powerful groove pushed ahead by lyrics that are meant to inspire and motivate.  The energy picks up with the bluesy R&B of “Please Don’t Smoke It”.  The full band, made up of anywhere from 9 to 11 members, is heard here with interesting sound seemingly coming at you from all angles.  The beginnings of “Shut Up” lead you to believe it will be a pretty blues number but the vocals tell a different story of a man with no fear.  

The record takes a truly experimental turn with “Yer Mind”.  The minute and a half track is just long enough to throw your mind for a loop.  The classic “Nadine” is taken to a higher level here with an amazing assortment of instrumentalist lending their piece to the work of art.  Shaman Juan lends his own vocal style through the fast-paced storytelling lyrics.  The closer “Country Girl” strips it down some to let a little humor shine through.  This is a fun one to listen to.  Blabbermouth is an album that should be listened to from start to end to enjoy the full journey that Shaman Juan wants to take you on.  

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