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The Maine Fried Brains Live @ Newport Music Hall

Have you ever been in a place where you just feel like you belong? The Maine brought that feeling and more to their Columbus stop of the Fry Your Brain With The Maine tour.


A line so long it stretched through Ohio State University, the streets were packed with kids, teens, and adults all ready to sing and dance along to the music from The Maine, The Wrecks, and The Technicolors all night long. Despite not knowing which lines were for general admission or early admission, and taking over 45 minutes to make it through security into the venue, the night was already off to a great start. Everyone in line was making great conversation with those around them and heightening the friendly atmosphere that surrounded the show.


The sold-out show brought The Maine fans closer together literally and with the music.


First up on the stage were The Technicolors. Despite only a few people knowing the band and their music, the fans that did were calling them “the greatest band to ever live.” The high energy was translating from the band and into the crowd. Despite not a lot of people knowing the words to any song, they were still dancing along and having a good time.


Ending their set with their latest single, “Sha La La,” the crowd translated the energy from the song into having an absolute riot. People were jumping around, dancing along. The crowd’s energy wasn’t as near as wild as later in the evening, however for a band that the majority of the crowd had no clue who they were, there were enough people having fun creating a moment for themselves.

After a quick set change and an entire venue singing along to “Sweet Caroline,” The Wrecks took the stage by storm.


With the gentle roar of their small but mighty fan base, The Wrecks brought non-stop energy. From running around the stage, to the lead singer jumping in and out of the crowd only two songs in, they brought an energy that no opening act has ever rivaled. The entire time, a lot of the crowd was rocking along — the barricade was even shaking.


Covering Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl,” everyone in the crowd got into it. Screaming along, everyone knew the words and was making sure the band knew that. The energy never died even into their original songs. Ending their set with such high energy, the bassist, and lead singer jumped into the crowd really living in the energy. The Wrecks left an impression on the crowd that no one there will forget.

The entire venue went dark after red carpets were rolled out on the stage and each individual instrument was sound checked. With the drop of the lights, the entire crowd went wild. Screams echoed off the decorated walls and filled the entire venue with a roar so mighty people outside could probably hear it.


The Maine walked onto the stage lit by only a few lights on the back of the tall stage, setting the aesthetic for the show. Dressed in black button-up shirts, dress pants, and black shoes, The Maine are easily the best-dressed band out there.


The entire venue was dancing, jumping around, screaming along to every word and going absolutely crazy. It was difficult to find a single soul not having a great time from the barricade to the back of the balcony. People were crowd surfing, on people’s shoulders, and finding any and every way to just have an amazing time.


“Regardless if your girlfriend or friend bought two tickets and now you’re here,” singer John O’Callaghan said into the microphone. “I need you to have the best time because you’re already here.”


Moments where the entire band would stop playing and the crowd would yell out the words brought the entire venue together. Everyone would sing along, creating this unique sense of peace that no other concert could bring.


Everyone around you was looking out for your best interest. If you were stuck behind someone taller, they’d make sure you could see. If you were about to fall over, someone was there to catch you. Everyone there was your friend for the entire night creating this bond that I’ve never seen happen at a concert.


During “Girls Do What They Want,” the band pulled up their friend Austen who came to the show all the way from Canada. Having him take the microphone, Austen led the crowd in screaming “girls do what they want, boys do what they can,” while jumping around and bringing the entire crowd to a new level.


The night ended with the entire crowd singing along to “Another Night On Mars.” The song touches on having the best time with your friends. That’s exactly what was happening in the crowd. Everyone was looking around at their friends, waving their arms around, singing “what’s another night on mars with friends like ours.”


It was one of the best endings to a concert that I’ve seen in a long time. The entire crowd was locked in a positive atmosphere. Drenched in sweat and drunk of happiness everyone left the show high on life.

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