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Mezzo NYC – Haunting A Cappella Version Of Mad World

There has been a major uptick in a cappella music as of late with the huge success of Pentatonix and the Pitch Perfect movies.  People who love the genre have been able to dive in and find many other groups doing phenomenal things without the aid of instruments.  One great example is Mezzo NYC.

The all female contemporary group based in New York City was founded in 2014 by professional composer and award nominated songwriter Lachi.  She has been involved in the scene for a while even founding the UNC group Cadence.  Now focused on Mezzo NYC big things are starting to happen with their library of pop hits and theme songs such as Game Of Thrones.

The latest song by the group is the haunting version of the cult classic “Mad World” made famous by Tears For Fears.  Mezzo NYC just put up a music video for the song which is gaining traction.  Enjoy it here:


Keep up with the ladies and more music at: 

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