MicFreeze Introduces Us To ‘Cousin Skeeter’

The new single from Detroit’s MicFreeze, “Cousin Skeeter”, illustrates the continuing evolution of a young rap performer and songwriter with the potential to quickly rank among the genre’s most formidable stars. He’s more than just an entertainer, however – MicFreeze’s songs come across as intensely personal statements with real musical value. He is unabashed about revealing himself to the audience, but there’s also a lot of the hard-scrabble life growing up on Detroit’s east side coming through in both the lyrics and music. The song has a raw, in your face production style without ever being abrasive and wreathed in a warm sound avoiding the icy or often mechanical sounding musical backing adopted by many of his contemporaries. MicFreeze’s vocal embodies all the best qualities he aspires to with his lyrics – his voice comes off as gritty, deceptively emotive, and a potent musical instrument in its own right locking in tight on the song’s groove. “Cousin Skeeter” will convince any remaining doubters that MicFreeze is the real deal.


It doesn’t strain for effect either. “Cousin Skeeter” comes out of its corner bobbing left to right and whipping up a definite mood as well as providing MicFreeze with a deep groove for his vocal talents. The dominant instrument on the song is synthesizer, but he doesn’t limit himself to one particular sound in that regard and there’s a strong bottom end that keeps the song musically tethered to earth. The synth parts streak past listeners and often equal the emotive range exhibited by MicFreeze’s voice and throbs as well with an array of colors and moods. Self-indulgence, the customary pitfall of ambitious artists in every medium, doesn’t plague MicFreeze and his seventeen years prove to be little to no obstacle in him establishing the sort of authority over the song that seasoned fans of the genre will expect from its marquee practitioners. The reality is, unequivocally, that MicFreeze is already a star of the first magnitude and certain to only get brighter.

MicFreeze Is Getting It Done


His exploding intensity is fueled, in a major way, by his lyrical inventiveness. The flesh and blood behind the effort, however, is the real difference maker that amps up the combustion of his efforts. He manages to get over a well-rounded performance that doesn’t just follow one track but, instead, adopts a number of voices along the way. “Cousin Skeeter” is clearly autobiographical in nature and the headlong, caution flung away manner with which MicFreeze tackles his own life sets the bar high for this song and, really, any future work. He’s clearly a major lyrical talent who knows exactly what he wants to say but, almost more importantly, how to say it. The fierce power of the writing and performance alike sets him apart from the modern scene in a way that’s impossible to deny. His latest single will prove to be his most significant success yet.

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  -Lance Wright


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