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Mindz I – Blending Multiple Genres and Powerful Imagery To Create Something Truly Original

The mesh of music and video has evolved tremendously over the years.  Most teenagers today are discovering new music through YouTube as opposed to mainstream radio or any other source.  A clever music video can attract more new fans than any other medium today.  Our latest find Mindz I is using this new evolution perfectly.

Hailing from New Jersey, Mindz I is a lyricist that produces music that blurs the lines of musical genres.  There is definitely a focus on hip hop but the influence of rock, dubstep, metal and reggae.  This fusion has helped him create a sound that is truly original while attracting fans from multiple genres.  Mindz I has a goal of changing the way music is experienced with the use of music videos with powerful imagery to appeal to all of the listener’s senses.

Earlier this year Mindz I released the EP iScience to launch his plan.  The lead single “When The World Ends” is accompanied by a psychedelic music video.  Enjoy it here:

Along with the full background of clashing genre sounds Mindz I fires out thought provoking lyrics with a flow that is strong and powerful.  The hook will get deep into your brain while other sounds seem to attack from every angle of your speakers.  This is music to make you think.

You can keep up with more music and the journey at:

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