Mistah Meech – Energetic Dance Sounds From An Animated EDM Character

Let’s face facts, many creative types are introverts and rather shy people.  Not all artists have the goal or desire to be in front of thousands of people sharing their craft and innermost feelings.  In today’s internet friendly music industry you can put your music out there without having your face plastered all over the place.  Check out our recent discovery Mistah Meech.

Mistah Meech

The electronic dance music project is fronted by an animated character.  Based in Los Angeles, California where anything goes it is fine for an EDM Producer and DJ to be behind a two dimensional drawing.  The sound that Mistah Meech brings is EDM but smashed together with alternative rock and a party atmosphere.

The latest release by Mistah Meech is the full length album Here Comes Now.  The 14 track record flows from one fast paced party song to the next seamlessly.  Right from the aptly titled opener “You Can’t Stop The Groove” you know you are in for an ass shakin’ good time.  There are energetic tracks with soulful lyrics such as “Shake Your Body Now” and funky drum pattern songs like “Tutti Fruity (What’s That Sound)”.   If you are looking to dance there is something for you here.  The standout “Happy Pill” combines the raw energy of grinding alt-rock with a space jam feel filling the sonic soundscape with a wide assortment of attention capturing noise.  It may warp your mind a little but isn’t that what a Happy Pill is supposed to do?  When you are ready to join the party we recommend you let Mistah Meech lead the way at:

He entertains on Twitter too at: @mistahmeech

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