Gib & Tam – Collaboration Creates Some Raw Emotional Sounds

Being a solo musician takes a lot of bravery and mental fortitude.  It can get very lonely out there putting your heart and creativity on your sleeve for the world to see.  Even with solo success  there is always room to collaborate with others and add another level to your sound.  A fortunate meeting gave us the formation of Gib & Tam.

Gib And Tam

About seven years ago Gibbran Rashid and Tamsynn-Lee Isaacs met and began creating and performing music together in addition to their own solo projects.  In 2014 the two artists officially merged their solo careers into the duo of Gib & Tam.  Both already had extraordinary vocal talents but now they could combine Gibbran’s guitar skills with the feisty percussion of Tamsynn.  The sound that they create together is a raw and soulful one that brings out the best in both parties.

The duo recently released their full length debut record Uncovered.  The 12 song record puts it all out on the table for the world to hear.  The opener “Must Be Love” starts the stripped down tone with a reggae based guitar line and intertwining vocals that welcomes you under the covers.  Gib & Tam get a little funkier on “Fight”.  This one emits a raw power that takes control of you and provides a kind of energizing aura.  The raw feel of “New Dawn” creates emotion that bleeds onto the strings of the guitar.  It is that kind of music that makes your lip curl up and your head start to bob.  By the time you reach the closer “The Mission” you are mentally exhausted from the ride that made you feel like you were truly an intimate part of the music.  If you are ready for the emotion go enter the Gib & Tam world at:


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