Sir Jimi Newton – Getting His Music Out There In Every Way Possible

If you write good songs get them out there in every fashion possible.  Independent music is used in so many places nowadays from commercials to film soundtracks to just simple background noise for YouTube videos.   Our friend Jimi Newton is well aware of this and is back with more sounds for us.

Sir Jimi Newton

Late last month The Sir Jimi Newton Project released The Instrumentals: Music for Videos & Soundtracks.  The 20 track record is made up of songs from his previous 3 albums that were first featured with vocals as well as some new instrumental music.  Tracks such as “Loving In The 808 State” and “Big Room” bring the EDM party right to your ears and allow you to just be in the moment or add your own personal lyrics.  The styles vary to funk, soul, and even R&B through the songs putting out music for whatever background you may need for your own project.  And with titles like “Rooftops & Funk” and “Time For Some Jazz” you can get an idea what you are in for even before pressing play.  The record is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify Tidal, Deezer and several other online stores.  Go get a listen if you need some good background tunes while you work like I do at:


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