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Moe Green’s Eye Brings The Live Sound To Debut EP

There is certain music out there that will never go out of style. Bringing back that classic rock sound will always grab your ear and make you stop and pay attention for a minute. Our friends from Moe Green’s Eye have done just that and have begun to catch a lot of interested ears.

The New York City based four-piece has only been performing together for a handful of months but the veteran musicians have formed a musical fusion quickly. Steve Siegel is the chief songwriter and guitarist for Moe Green’s Eye. A quick search for the best live musicians of the NYC scene turned up front man Anthony Galati, bassist Jeff Mackey, and drummer Bob Gallagher. Once together they picked up steam quickly and wasted no time moving forward. Moe Green’s Eye has quickly become a staple of the local scene impressing bookers and crowds from Arlene’s Grocery on the Lower East Side to Groove On The Grove in Jersey City.

Their signature sound is heavily influenced by the classic rock and new wave bands of the 70’s and 80’s while adding modern elements to make the songs accessible to all listeners. This style is now ready for everyone with the release of their debut EP Fast Radio Bursts. The 4 track record used the old school, live recording approach to put out a product that gives the feel of being there.

The opener “Fixed” sets the tone immediately with its jangling guitar tone bringing us back to a simpler time. The vocals of Anthony Galati stand out with their strong yet sweet delivery. This is music to sit back and absorb.



On “Stay” the energy kicks up a little bit with a bouncing bassline leading the way. The harmonized chorus invites us all to sing along and become a part of Moe Green’s Eye. If you can listen and NOT sing along, you have no soul. The video brings us memories of some of the great venues in the NYC scene that are no more.

The EP closes with “What About Time”. The live listening experience continues as the instruments each take their moment in the sun coming together for music that we all can enjoy.

Keep up with Moe Green’s Eye as they expand from the Greater NYC area and into the ears of more live music lovers soon.


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