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N-Roque – Powerful Energetic Rock Star In The Making

There is phenomenal original music throughout the world that we are constantly on the search for.  Whether it be native to just certain parts of the world or can cross borders to be internationally known, we want to hear it.  Our latest discovery N-Roque may be from the other side of the world but his sound is ready to be heard everywhere.

The songwriter, composer, and guitarist from India and has been professionally writing music from the last ten years, mainly for Indian Television commercials, series and films. He has  written music for international brands such as Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Fila but now is focusing on original music heavily influenced by both classic and modern rock sounds.

The latest track by N-Roque is “Elvis Is Reborn”.  It is a powerful rock song that shows off some impressive guitar skills.  The catchy melody will pull you in while the energy will get your toes tapping.  Enjoy the video here:

For more from N-Roque check out:

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