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Allow Natalise + The Sunset Run To Enter Your Heart

If you’re a musical artist you must constantly develop.  You must search for your own sound even when you are being pulled in other directions.  Being true to the music inside you is most important.  Use all your experiences, both the good and bad, to become the artist you are meant to be.  Experiences build an artist.  Take the story of our recent discovery Natalise + The Sunset Run.

The dreams of music lived in Natalise way before forming The Sunset Run in 2014.  She began with piano lessons at the age of three, dance at seven, and singing in the church choir at eight.   By the time Natalise was 11 she was auditioning for and training at the renowned San Francisco Conservatory of Music.  The music had a hold on her and her path.

Looking to further her experience, Natalise interned with a dance music label based in San Francisco.  It did not take long for them to see her talent on the stage and she was soon on a full club tour with national press and commercial radio play.  Although blessed with the journey, Natalise realized what really spoke to her was a deeper, more intimate path.  She moved to Los Angeles and poured herself into writing more authentic songs at the piano.  

A string of truthful and pure songs began to flow leading to the release of her first record with Natalise + The Sunset Run titled Glimpses Of The Sun.  The 5-song EP is exactly what she wanted, being intimate, dynamic and emotionally compelling.  

Natalise is a star in the piano-driven pop landscape.

The record open with “Abandon”.  It is a beautiful beginning to the emotion-laden pop sound the band has become known for.  Soaring vocals and pretty melodies set the tone for an enjoyable listen.



The lead single “Lucky Ones” is a passionate, inspirational ballad about the importance of being grateful for each moment. It was inspired by two people close to her who were diagnosed with cancer – as well as a health scare of her own.  The minimalistic feel of the song lets the real emotion shine through.  The listener will feel as if they are the only one in the room.  

The feelings continue to flow on “Love Unconditional” with Natalise at the piano and The Sunset Run behind her adding a truly elegant soundscape that will ease any mind as it ponders its own love.  On “See Me” the band slows it down even further with a plaintive piano-vocal allowing an even deeper connection with the singer.  

This is emotional thought provoking music at its best.  Hear more music and keep up with the group on their WEBSITE.

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