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The art of creating music is something that many of us procrastinate over.  The joy is there but I guess the difficulty level provides an excuse to find other uses for the spare time we have.  Sadly this excuse has put an end to many a budding musical career.  The dedication must match that passion to push through these mental roadblocks.  Luckily for all of us, our recent discovery Noah Hittner got back to his music and is putting it out there for all of us to hear.

Hailing from the beautiful Midwestern US, Noah Hittner was born in Minnesota and raised in Wisconsin near a small town on the Mississippi River. There, he spent much of his childhood on a dairy farm where he quite naturally gained a deep love and appreciation for wide-open spaces, fresh air, and the penetrating silence that can only come from the natural world.

Noah Hittner has been involved in several professions through the years which include the health and fitness industry, landscaping, catastrophe insurance, and others. His passions, however, are writing, music and travel.  This is where his heart is now.

He had some time away from music as he built other careers but in 2009 Noah Hittner actually picked up the guitar for the first time and hasn’t put it down since.  Always being one to try something new, he has coined a new genre called Acousti-Tronic.  It is a blend of the singer/songwriter, acoustic, pop, rock, and electronic genres.  

The most recent album released by Noah Hittner is Flesh & Metal.  The 14 track record is a testament to music with no boundaries.  Right from the opener “You” and it’s full atmospheric sound, you are taken to a higher place where you can just sit back and enjoy all that is going on.  The music will keep you guessing as on “Stay Beautiful”.  As it starts there are just a few synth chords but as the song progresses more and more elements come in to let you focus on a different part with each new listen.  

There is some acousti-experimental on “Valley Of The Sine Wave”.  The song is based on a folk guitar melody with blues-inspired lyrics.  No boxes can hold what Noah Hittner is offering here.  If you are looking for more straight rock sounds head for “Change One Thing”.  The way Noah handles the acoustic guitar is truly impressive.  The record closes with some more talented guitar playing on “Chasing”.  The energy that comes off of those strings will get anyone’s heart pumping.

Noah Hittner’s mission is to connect with the lives of as many people as possible in an inspiring and empowering way.  His music has connected with me.  Let it do the same for you at:

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