An Endless Summer with Phases by Ohlayindigo

Summer may just be coming to an end…Luckily, there’s there’s no saying we can’t prolong the best season of the year with San-Francisco-based, Norway- and UK-born duo, Ohlayindigo and their breezy 6-track release, Phases.

The group, consisting of singer Hanna Ponth and drummer Zak Shrapnell, has presented an version of synthpop so light, it is perfect for any care-free occasion, whether it’s that last trip to the beach for the season, or a particularly long car ride.

Ohlayindigo: Between Katy Perry and Galantis

Ohlayindigo knows exactly where they fit in, a genre that is fun and easy to listen to, a popular version of sweet synthpop that can be described as somewhere in between Katy Perry and Galantis. Ponth’s voice adds an effortless quality to Phases, allowing for easy sing-a-longs (and I’m sure there will be plenty).

Phases starts out with a short and sweet instrumental track, “Overwhelm,” proving to be almost a welcome to the sweetness that lies ahead. Whereas “Nocturnal Love” and “Lullaby” provide quite powerful choruses, thriving with booming synth melodies.

One of the definite standouts on the EP is “AWOL,” most noticeably it’s flawless production and heavy infusion of elements from both techno and house. If Ohlayindigo continues to explore the direction this track is heading in, they can definitely make a name for themselves within these notorious dance genres.

“IOLITE” is a powerful, fast-paced tune, whereas the closing track, “Overcome,”  is a soft yet glossy surprise, reminiscent to the likes of Ellie Goulding. Ponth manages to showcase both her delicate falsetto and her booming chest tone in this hopeful song about love conquering all.

Based on Phases, Ohlayindigo is destined to continue to make us smile with their snazzy melodies and eclectic mix of synth and drums.

It’s time to press play and lean back as Phases by Ohlayindigo is now widely available.

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