Nominee Releases New Single “Hypertension” For Loyal Fans

“It’s been a long five years and I can’t believe/that you’re still here/I tend to fall apart/Five years inside the dark and you’re still here” are the opening lines of the new release “Hypertension” by Nominee, a pop punk band from Austin, Texas. The song serves as a tribute to their dedicated fans. Nominee confided in a press release, “Austin has had our backs since the beginning and in our travels through out the last six years, we’ve noticed how truly lucky we are.”

The five-member group released their first three tracks in 2013 and have been collaborating on hard-hitting, emotionally charged pop punk in their home state ever since. Recently signed to SmartPunk Records, Nominee is set to continue the forward momentum in 2020. And if you’ve stayed true to the early 2000’s Warped Tour model, the quick tempo, power chord bangers by Nominee are for you.

The track opens with a barrage of explosive drumbeats and front man Chris Mclelland’s voice ringing out hard and clear before falling in line with the authentic easycore style of yelling his feelings into the mic in a way that makes listeners want to mosh their feelings.

“Hypertension” falls in line with Nominee’s other songs in the way that it is heavy on the themes of loyalty and commiserating during hard times. “We’ve seen the same faces for years and years over now, and that support is unwavering. Our friends show out every time.” The new single demonstrates a true sense of community from start to finish, with gang vocals chorusing together around minute 1:50 to give listeners the sense we’re all in this together.

Ready to feel your feelings and entertain the healthy coping mechanism of stress relief by turning up that dial and shouting at the top of your lungs? Keep up with Nominee on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or on Spotify.

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