Ray Bruvva C – Local Scene Rising in The 519

The power of the local scenes in music overall has dropped substantially recently.  My guess is the internet, and the seemingly global reach of it, has been a major culprit.  Seeing those real faces reacting to your music is much more helpful than sending your songs to a faceless computer screen that will comment however they feel that day.  Luckily hip hop has tried to stay true to creating a scene.  Our recent find Ray Bruvva C is in the heart of one such good local scene.

The 19 year old rapper hails from London, Ontario, Canada and is a big part of what makes the thriving 519 hip hop scene so special.  Although still relatively new to the game with just 2 years under his belt, Ray Bruvva C has hooked up with a group called Dys FUNK.  The 6 piece of players work together to build their skills and keep up the motivation needed to succeed in this wild music business.  There is a real passion heard in Dys FUNK music.

Ray Bruvva C Spits Fire And Brimstone

The latest track from Ray Bruvva C is “519 Zoo”.  He throws out a shout out to Lil Mister Guwop for the inspiration.  The beat produced by Frenzy is a laid back vibe that creeps along letting the focus be on the fire spitting lyrics.  Ray pulls no punches telling it how it is with a gangsta rap tone without the aggression.  There are many words for hi to say here and he squeezes them all into the melody.  

Get a listen to more of Ray Bruvva C music at:

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