Rhythm Of Mars – Returns With Another Album Of Extraordinary Skills

There is a passion for music that can never be stopped.  When music has made its way into your heart and you have taken the necessary steps to become an expert on your chosen instrument you will always strive to share your passion with others.  A group of phenomenal musicians from the band Rhythm Of Mars (that we have talked about before) has continued their quest and returned to us with another album.

Rhythm Of Mars

The Fayetteville. Arkansas band crafts an innovative blend of instrumental alternative  and progressive rock that will keep the listener on edge listening for more.  The new album WIndow Of Destiny is collection of 8 songs that will startle and amaze with the sounds the threesome is able to produce.  The opener “Houdini” shows off the tremendous skills of guitarist Aaron Staub.  He shreds through the track aided by accompanying sounds to add to the full mix.  The track “Labyrinth” is not just a clever name.  The twists and turns in the song will keep you guessing as you spin further and further in the Rhythm Of Mars maze.  The title track “Windows Of Destiny” may be the most complete track on the record as it fills the soundscape with pretty sounds melding together to create something even better than the sum of its parts.  This song requires multiple listens to take it all in.  Overall this is a great album to experience the ultimate level of talent that can be achieved with musical instruments.  Go enter the Rhythm Of Mars world at:

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