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Be Ready For The New Year With The Rock/Star Life Planner

The New Year is approaching quickly. Are you ready to really go all in this year? It is not about just saying it. Resolutions come and go. They are the most commonly broken thing in the first month of the year. They can’t just be thoughts and hopes in your mind if you want to truly achieve them. You need a real plan and you need to write it down. Luckily our friends from Rock/Star Advocate have released “The Rock/Star Life Planner” for 2018.



Over the past year, I have personally gotten to know Suz Paulinski of Rock/Star Advocate. She is one of the great people in this crazy music industry that truly cares for the people she connects with. Suz has been active and passionate about the business since she helped start Mad Dragon Records a Drexel University. She has held positions at Atlantic Records, WEA, and Astralwerks.


Now focused on her own company Rock/Star Advocate, she is able to live out her dream of helping musicians and their teams turn their passions into sustainable careers. This is why we connect so much. A shared passion. Suz is able to use her Psychology background to be a guide to creating goals and the proper mindset. This has helped me tremendously.


The new edition of “The Rock/Star Life Planner” for 2018 has stepped up its game. It flows beautifully as it takes you one step at a time while also helping plan out your future. Many planners just put a calendar in front of you and tell you to fill it out and wish you luck from there. That is what makes the Rock/Star Life Planner different.

Let The Rock/Star Planner be Your Guide in 2018


Highlights include:

-A year-long calendar to avoid missing future opportunities & plan out tour dates!

-Monthly vision boards for attracting what you want & letting your creativity run free!

-Weekly social media content planning so you never have to worry about what to post!

-A year-long financial spreadsheet so you can finally gain control of your income!

-Access to additional tools & templates to manage the career you’ve always wanted!


If you are willing to put the time in following a real guide, this is the planner for you. It will take self-discipline and dedication but your new music career will be worth it.


One of my personal favorite parts is how the planner tells you exactly how much time you will need to complete each part. Breaking it up into these time-blocks makes it easy to digest. The planner also provides ways to take care of yourself to avoid the overwhelm that so often takes us off track.


Bottom line, I can not stress enough how useful the Rock/Star Planner will be to you in the coming year. It will be guiding the Indie Band Guru to further success this year. Join in and let’s make 2018 the year the independent artists take the music industry back.


You can get more info and purchase one for yourself HERE.

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