Root Mind Is On Their Way To Being ‘Heavy Hitters’

Musicians must always be willing to experiment and try things that do not feel comfortable. Without new opportunities, music would just get stale and repetitive. It has been an interesting past year but our recent discovery Root Mind has put together something that is fresh and new despite it all.

The Band based in the Bay Area of California was formed during the Covid 19 outbreak of 2020. With all the restrictions put in place, it was not easy to get a band together but Root Mind was able to form with some fate stepping in to guide the way. A seemingly random string of connections was able to bring vocalist J Ward, guitarist Josh Stirling, drummer Clinton Miguel, and bassing Colin Kyger to the formation of Root Mind. Together they create a hip-hop influenced Nu-metal sound that brings the best of the past to a new level of consciousness to share.

The debut single “Heavy Hitters” is here to introduce Root Mind to the world. The grinding guitar grabs the listener right from the start letting them know they are in for something powerful. The lyrical delivery of J Ward turns up this power with a strong attack. The track pushes forward without a second to relax as more and more energy comes at you. The “Heavy Hitters” chorus is super catchy and will be bopping around your mind way after the song is over. 

Keep up with what Root Mind has in store HERE.

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