Shaheed and DJ Supreme Release New Music

Rocking the mic isn’t just about having some swagger – anyone can step in on the hip-hop scene and bring a lot of confidence into the arena with them, but if you want to see the kind of attention that Shaheed and DJ Supreme is bringing in right now, you’re going to need something that money can’t buy, and it’s charisma. SADJS’s charm is the cornerstone of creative intrigue in their new music no matter what you’re specifically looking at, and when it’s made to come undone in any of the verses in “World of Water,” it’s a fine bridge across which we can connect with an inspired young duo. 

The narrative in this track centers on how SADJS is saying what they say as opposed to what they’re saying, and their tonal presence lends a lot of credibility to their ability to tell a story without exploiting the fringe components of a standard pop poem. They aren’t having to put all of their stock into a catchy rhythm or even make sure the cadence lines up with the bassline; they’re letting their swaggering vocal do all the talking for them quite literally, and it’s working for them exceptionally well here. 

This bottom end is really lush and still supportive of the verses, which isn’t as easy to do as SADJS is making it sound in “World of Water.” I would have to say that their use of conflictive aesthetical elements has a lot to do with the alternative trap appeal of the hook as it stands independently from the main star of this show. It’s not conventional, but it’s so seamlessly put together here that you could be fooled into thinking that this was more the standard of tomorrow than the present status quo is today. 

The music video for “World of Water” feels a little surreal, and it’s not entirely because of the backdrop that our protagonists are dealing with from beginning to end. Every frame has a heaviness that seems to compensate for the lack of embellishment in the background, which is almost a nod to the style of the composition itself. I don’t know if SADJS wanted a purely highbrow look out of this release, but some critics are probably going to say that no matter what. They’ve got the gift, and it’s being put into practice extraordinarily well in this song. 

Shaheed and DJ Supreme aren’t taking any chances in their new single; they’re putting themselves and their emotional state on the line for anyone who is listening, and more importantly, they’re stepping outside of the comfort zone that a lot of young rappers spend a lot of years living within. They’re trying something that a lot of pop musicians, let alone rappers, don’t dare to do, but they’re also maintaining a traditional likeability that could make theirs a smoother transition into the hierarchy of the hip-hop underground in the United States even slicker than it already would have been if left to their barebones elements.

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