Silversmith – Peppy Indie Americana With A Dark Side Lurking Beneath The Surface

A good musician can adapt and fit in to any musical situation.  He should have the ability to sit in with any other band and mesh into one of the band members almost instantly.  Instruments all have the same musical notes and a musician that knows them all can become an integral part of the travelling music scene.  A good example of this is Zach Daniels of the band Silversmith.


After a 7 year run with Americana band Oakhurst, Zach began working his own projects including sitting in on the cruise ship music festival circuit.  He became an “artist at large” playing with the likes of Train, Michael Franti, G Love, Slightly Stoopid, and too many other bands to count.  Zach Daniels was also putting together his own songs along the way when he met up with producer Clint Lagerberg.  They decided to put together an EP after a successful Kickstarter crowd funding campaign.

This became the formation of the indie rock band Silversmith.  Zach Daniels brought his sister Niki, Eric Loomis, and Andrew Clapp down to Nashville to complete the lineup.  Together they were able to knock out 7 songs in 7 days to complete the upcoming EP Uncle Microphone.  The record is full of happy little songs that seem to have a dark side right beneath the surface.  On ‘Ordinary Blues’ the band follows a peppy beat with a lyric line that pulls the song ahead.  Another interesting track is ‘I Can Hear Them Talking’.  A Tom Petty influence is heard here along with some exotic guitar tones that are spooky and warm at the same time.  The standout song has to be ‘Can We Try This Again’.  The mellow beat puts a giddy-up in your step even though the theme seems a little like heartbreak.  This is quality songwriting for the listener that is tired of the in your face music that is so prevalent today.

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