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Black Circles – Animated Video For ‘Playing Games’ Strikes A Chord

Monday morning seems like the perfect time to waste some time at work and cruise YouTube for some music videos.  It is easy to get lost in great music by bands that you have not heard of yet.  Today’s find was the band Black Circles and their latest music video ‘Playing Games’.

Black Circles

The rock band from Kent in the UK has been busy building up a good sized following getting the Black Circles name out there every way they can.  Their sound is an energetic mix of alternative rock with driving beats and cut throat guitar shredding.  There are influences of Queens Of the Stone Age and the pop friendliness of The Foo Fighters.

The video for ‘Playing Games’ is truly original as it follows a super fan cartoon bear as he learns what truly makes him happy.  His love of music promotion hit close to home as well.  Enjoy the video for yourself here:

You can find more Black Circles at:

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