With the ongoing pandemic and loss of live performances, now is a better time than ever to show some love to your local bands and artists. While bands and artists may not be able to perform live anymore, one of my favorite local bands Stereo Jo, has found a way to still bring the heat with their newest EP Secondhand Smoke

Stereo Jo is a 4 piece high energy rock band based out of Butler, NJ. The band consists of Jimmy James (guitar/vocals), Nick Fantauzzi (bass/guitar), Tommy Riley (drums), and Ashley Ramsey (vocals).

Secondhand Smoke is their sophomore EP. The 5 track EP features their songs “Ghost”, “Games”, “Can’t Feel”, “Around You” and “Northern Lights”, and has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Listen to Secondhand Smoke below

The opening track “Ghost” is a haunting song about moving on from the past. It has a great groovy and chill vibe to it, and features amazingly soothing vocals from Ashley Ramsey. 

The next track “Games” is a standout track on the EP and is my personal favorite. This upbeat, psychedelic-rock track is about battling your inner demons. With lyrics such as “I know what you’ll say, when I’m not around”, and “It’s the games we play that lead us to, our own demise”, it’s a track that everyone can relate to since battling with your inner demons is a common struggle. 

Strap on your seatbelts cause the next track “Can’t Feel” takes you on a joyride through the world of love. It’s another groovy track with a feel good sound that’ll definitely have you swaying along. 

The last two tracks on the EP “All Around You” and “Northern Lights” take you on a dreamy trip. Ashley Ramsey lends her vocals again to the soothing interlude of “All Around You”. 

“Northern Lights” is the only instrumental track and is a perfect way to close out the EP. It’s an eerie and mystical instrumental that would sound perfect on the soundtrack of a movie or video game.

If you want to see more from Stereo Jo follow their social media and check out their Stereo Jo Show, a livestream they hold every Monday and Wednesday on YouTube and Facebook to support independent artists.

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