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Collapsing Scenery Releases Wonderfully Weird “Years of Lead (Are Back Again)” Video

Electro duo Collapsing Scenery is back, this time with a strange but thought-provoking video that accompanies their song “Years of Lead (Are Back Again).” Collapsing Scenery is the collaboration between Don DeVore and Reggie Debris, and their goal is to bridge the gap between art and politics. Inspired by personal experience and driven by electronic […]


Collapsing Scenery Drops Bomb with “Deep State”

By Ibn-Umar Abbasparker of Indie Band Guru What’s loud, noisy, and discordant? No, it’s not a broken car muffler. It’s “Deep State,” the latest single from experimental electronic band Collapsing Scenery. The track is a chaotic mixture of jarring electronic sounds, booming drumbeats, and aggressive, howling vocals. While it may not be the most euphonious […]