IBG Interview – 9 Questions With… Richard Demko

We have all been living in a world turned upside down for the past year. Those truly dedicated to their music have been able to focus on their art and create some amazing things. Our friend Richard Demko has had his head down hard at work and is now ready to share some amazing music […]


MYRKUR Awakens Inner Spirits with Séance Singing in ‘Mausoleum’

In the reverberating acoustics of the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway, MYRKUR casts a spell with melodic patterns and Gregorian chanting like a church sermon. With pure vocals evoking a riveting elegance, “Vølvens Spådom” unleashes this world in MYRKUR’s new creation, Mausoleum. A thickness of vocals and harmonies creates a circle above the ominousness from the […]

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Nicolas Drey – Composing For A Full-Length Film

Becoming a composer of music can lead an indie artist down a variety of different paths.  With the explosion in independent films and television programs, there has become a larger need for music to accompany these visuals.  An artist with an open mind can create music that blends perfectly with these film projects to make a […]