How Music Affects Consciousness, Emotions, and Productivity

Have you ever enjoyed a pleasant evening listening to music? How did you feel at that time? Were you relaxed, concerned, or overly emotional? It is impossible to deny that the perception of music depends not only on the genre of the track but also on the personality of the listener. However, the undeniable fact […]


TheBabyDon Drops New Single “Mood”

Good rap starts with a solid hook, whether it be large and in charge or something more on the clandestine side of the spectrum, and it’s obvious that TheBabyDon knew this when she was sitting down to pen her new single and music video “Mood” not too long ago. Released this summer to a warm […]

Interview Review

Parjam Parsi Re-Releases ‘A Desperate Light’

Music will always be a cyclical organism. Styles and genres of the past will always resurface in an interesting way combined with fresh new styles to make it new again. Sounds will live forever. Our friend Parjam Parsi has shown this perfectly with his unique soundscapes. Now he has brought back to life an album […]