Tanner J Royal Takes Us To The Land of ‘Milk & Honey’

Every artist should master their own locale. Get out there and play all the local venues. Get known in the scene. There is a lot to learn both musically and about the ins and outs of how the music business works. This knowledge will pay off well as you venture out to the bigger cities. Same principles, just more magnified. Our recent find Tanner J Royal is a great example as he continues to expand his sound as he ventures into new music scenes.

Getting his start in the local bar scene around Houston, Texas, the energetic songwriter pours everything he has into his music. As frontman of pop-punk band Burn Out Brighter, Tanner J Royal got to experience being a big part of the South Texas scene as well as figuring out his own unique talents. He later took the leap and moved away from his Southern Baptist upbringing to the fast paced life of New York City. Tanner rebranded as Rockstar Eastwood to merge the sounds and genres he had been playing with into something fresh and original.

Now Tanner J Royal is back with a new single “Milk & Honey”. The raw energy pops right from the start with just a chugging guitar and Tanner’s vocals. The track builds to a full sonic attack by the time we reach the epic chorus. Guitar talents are on full display as well. The multiple genres can be felt within, but “Milk & Honey” is a full on pop-rock banger. We could see big crowds singing along before long.

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