Tell Her I Love Her Welcome Us To ‘Dance With Dakota’

A song that tells a story will always reach the listener better and hopefully create a connection. We recently came across the band Tell Her I Love Her and their new single “Dancing With Dakota” that definitely fits the bill. This one will demand multiple listens.


The band based in Miami has some strong roots in Nashville as well. This cross-country geography has a big influence on their pop rock/country sound. Touching on both genres will draw in fans from a wider pool. Tell Her I Love Her is definitely on an upward trend.


Try Not To Be Eddie in Tell Her I Love Her’s new song ‘Dancing With Dakota



With the band’s latest single “Dancing With Dakota” we are taken into a story that many of us could see playing out in their own town. The accompanying lyric video visualization helps guide us there as well.


A lonely man named Eddie thinks he found a special connection with a girl named Dakota that happens to be an exotic dancer. This story is played out in tons of places across the country on any given night. The band plays it perfectly without making anyone seem too lost or evil. They are real people that are just moving along their own path through life with no ill intent.


The energy of the song brings a head nod and toe tap to the listener as they dive in. The country-tinged guitars wail away with a cool riff that will stick in your head. The vocals add another level that complete the perfect pop-friendly song that is ready for mainstream acceptance.


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