The Beautiful Mistakes prove that “Love’s Never Wasted”

As the years pass for a musician, and lover of music, the passion never dies. Even after a long break, when life frees up and time is available many creators will get back to what they were meant to do, make music! It has been a while but Jimmy Marino is back with his new project The Beautiful Mistakes that is picking up steam quickly. 

Now calling Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home, the longtime musician has flipped the switch. Jimmy Marino has been churning out songs weekly. Years of playing have given him many lessons and the chance to develop his multi-genre sound. Finding some like-minds and some experimentation has led to the formation of the emerging indie rock band The Beautiful Mistakes. Now made up of bassist Cory Derringer, drummer Ben Skinner, and keyboardist Rick Manassa the lineup is solid. The result is the strong new EP Love’s Never Wasted.

Through the six songs of the record you can hear many different influences but The Beautiful Mistakes deliver it all with the same delicious flavor. Opening with the powerful yet soulful “Find My Freedom” you get the taste that bar rock is back. The theme of the track is about breaking free from dark things in the past and discovering new love. Great start to set the mood of Love’s Never Wasted. all the pieces are there. Solid guitar fills, steady yet adventurous rhythm section, and keyboards adding that extra layer.

Go ‘Find Your Freedom’ With The Beautiful Mistakes

 The change up is felt with “Be Here With You” focusing on the vocals and emotion delivered in them. All with that flavor but without flash. A bluesy rocker that will stay in your head a while. The emotional lyrics brought in the EP title Love’s Never Wasted as well. Emotions continue on the fiery “Burn It Down.” Even with its mainly slowed down tempo the feelings are felt with the help of singer Maevon Gumble lending their talents to the mix.

The Blues pop up again and a little more pronounced on “Slow Train.” Mixing multiple styles together shows the real versatility of both the songwriter and the players. The fun “Road To Eden” closes the EP with a pep that gets toes tapping along. Again the song does not take you into the expected (boring) direction that your ears expect. This freshness keeps your attention through the full song. Just as it should.

We ear that The Beautiful Mistakes have been pretty prolific so we hope to hear more music soon. Hear what they have put together so far on their BANDCAMP.

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