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The Other Colors – Music And Art Combine For An Exotic Ride

Music and fine art will always be linked together.  Let’s face it, the mind of a musician also has some wild visuals going around inside as well at any given time.  Usually these artists stick to only one discipline and try to refine one aspect of their art.  That is why it is special when a talent can truly link together their love of music with their visually artistic mind.  An artist that comes to mind is the group The Other Colors.

The French experimental electronic band was formed in 2007 in Paris, France by Laurent Chambert and Marie Möör.  This pairing combines huge talents in musical, visual, and vocal arenas.  Marie has been making music for a long while including collaborating with Barney Wilen on some new wave records during the 1980s.  Laurent was classically trained on the piano at a young age and then studied Fine Arts at l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Saint Etienne, France.   Together they create energetic music that is different from the norm but stays close enough to fit perfectly in any dance club setting.

The Other Colors latest album is last year’s Up, Up, Up.  The 15 track record explores many aspects of the experimental electronic world.  From slower and spookier songs like ‘Anatomie D’un Desir’ and ‘Medusa’ to high energy tracks such as ‘Ici Meme’ and ‘In The Cage’.  The French lyrics only add to the exoticness and sexiness of the record for me.  The music has a strange way of exciting and relaxing the listener at the same time.  For the truly adventurous I would recommend watching some of The Other Colors Music videos.  One that jumps out in its beauty is ‘Mes yeux bleus dans tes yeux noirs’.  Enjoy it below:

Anytime that you are in the mood to dance with yourself in the privacy of your own home, go enter The Other Color’s world at:

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