The Rocketz are ‘Lovesick & Heartbroke’

The lack of live shows over the past couple years definitely put a damper on the bands that thrive in that setting. Fortunately Rock ‘n Roll will never die and is now back with a vengeance. Leading that charge in the live rock scene is our friends from The Rocketz.

The Los Angeles, California trio pours their energy into creating songs that fill a room with sound and energy. The mesh of Gresch guitar and grainy vocals with a rockabilly flair has become the official Rocketz sound. In the live setting this is a band to experience. Intimate, passionate, and energetic.

The latest album from The Rocketz is the powerful Lovesick & Heartbroke. The 11-track record takes their patented live energy and tries to pack it into a studio recording that fans everywhere can experience. The opener “Not Coming Home” sets the stage with its strong beat chugging along to build up the power infused rock. Tony “Slash” Red-Horse’s vocal delivery grabs the listener and sits them down to share his personal stories. This is no folk though – this is rock ‘n roll!

The speed steps up on “Bit By Bit”. There is a punk vigor here that attacks from the speakers. Strong guitars and snarling vocals lead the way. There is no turning back now. Bassist Billy Goldstein is added on this one to fill in the groove. The album turns rockabilly on the next track “See You Around.” The diversity in genres that The Rocketz show is truly impressive.

We get to ease into “Takes Me Back” with a slower vibe, elegant guitar and Alex Hernandez on Saxophone. This album takes the listener wherever The Rocketz see fit. Just hold on and enjoy the ride. Would you be surprised if I told you to prepare for some Country? Well get ready and enjoy “What The Hell Do You Want From Me.” More storytelling from a different angle than the normal country song. 

Th album closes with “Falling Down,” a modern punk rocker that will keep your heart pumping fast. All the genre elements the band has thrown your way can be heard here as they do what they do best, ROCK! 

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