ToughKenaMan Hopes ‘You Realized’ Your Struggle

We have all been through our own struggles in the past year. The world has been in a flux. We have all felt it. One of the jobs of an artist is to find a way to share that struggle and offer help through song. Our friend ToughKenaMan has returned with a new single “You Realized” to do just that.

It has been quite a journey of emotional discovery for Kenneth Keene Jr, aka ToughKenaMan. The talented artist has made sharing his personal life a huge part of his persona. Dealing with his father’s decline due to Frontotemporal lobe dementia gave him a true purpose. It became his mission to document the different stages of the disease and bring awareness to the public. Unfortunately, another terrible situation, namely Corona-virus, would take Kenneth Sr. in 2020.

The latest single by ToughKenaMan, “You Realized” is inspired by the many struggles of 2020. There were quite a lot packed into the last year.  We learn a lot about ourselves and others during these times. The song dives into this deeply.

The atmospheric open sets a soothing tone. Quickly the lyrical flow of ToughKenaMan comes in to spread his story and emotions. There is no holding back. Singer Brooke Bonilla was brought in to add an elegant female vocal to the track. The contrast of the power filled beat with a chill piano melody captures the ears and the heart. The listener is welcome to open their mind and feel the full experience.

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