The Twelve AM Rings In 2019 with ‘Pretty Noise’

With the calendar recently turning over to 2019, we usually look toward a modern future as well as yearning for the best of the past. Music is no different. Our late 2018 discovery of The Twelve AM is the perfect band to satisfy both of these checkmarks, while also having the perfect name to ring in the New Year with.

The three-piece band out of Connecticut provides a rock style that brings pieces of the past together with a modern feel ready to start 2019 with a rock n’ roll explosion. Singer-songwriter Chris Champagne, drummer Lee D’Ambrosio, and bassist Steven Michels perfected their chops back in the days when live punk rock music was a staple of the Northeast scene. After a solid run, life caught up and they took an extended hiatus. Now they are back with a bang and a new record to have the world hear.

On January 18th, The Twelve AM will release Pretty Noise. .The 10 track album was mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters in Memphis, Tennessee, and will be released in a partnership with Red Electric Recordings.

Right from the opener “Punk Drunk” the energy grabs you as big loud guitar, pounding drums, and Champagne’s smooth and expansive vocals put together a perfect pop rock song. “Punk Drunk” works just as well today as it would 15 years ago. Classic alt-rock! This speed and power combined with raw vocal emotion continues on “Run With The Bulls”. The influence of 90’s Goo Goo Dolls songs can be heard here.

The Twelve AM slows it down a little bit with “Elope” but the power is still there, just bridled back a tad. The big choruses ring with authenticity and draw in any listener that truly loves real songwriting. “Lipstick Red” turns it back up a little as the guitar-based emotional rock n’ roll makes your heart beat just a little bit faster. Some impressive guitar solos (too often missing in today’s music) are featured as well.

The Twelve AM Will Rock Your New Year

The powerful drumming of D’Ambrosio is featured on “New Girl”. The Twelve AM is a band of truly talented musicians that continue to keep my attention throughout Pretty Noise. The record concludes with “Empty” and “My Autumn” which show off the softer and passionate side of the group. Really can’t say enough good things about this band that seems to have everything pointed in the right direction.

Keep up with The Twelve AM and have a taste of their new record for yourself HERE.

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