Ysimonis – Spacey Hip Hop That Will Get Your Attention

More often than not when an artist submits their music to us it is accompanied by a quality artists bio that tells the story of who they are and how they got to this point in the music career.  Sometimes though we are just given a link to some music and a few short words.  This doesn’t make it easy for us but at times we can be intrigued enough to check out the music.  Luckily we decided to take a listen to Ysimonis.


The intro we were given was “Bio: Simplicity + Creativity = ysimonis”.  Hmmmm, what do we do with that.  I did a little searching and discovered ysimonis is a hip hop artsit from Miami.  Also provided was a link to his debut album on Spotify called Regular N*gg#.  The 10 track record is an interesting experience in minimal production with witty lyrics keeping the listener focused on each song.  The opener “Pussay” made me openly laugh with lyrics that were in your face and unafraid to make you feel uncomfortable.  The beats are tight without being overly attention grabbing.  The lyrics stay in this mode on tracks like “Head” and “Flash Dem Titties”.  The spaced out soundscape on the record really kept me into the album.  It is hard to pinpoint where on the hip hop genre this fits but it definitely has its place.  A standout track in the harder almost rock rap “Donald Duck”.  It is an expose on the males in todays society and how the women constantly control the game to get what they want from these “suckers”.

This is an album I will keep on rotation for a while.  Enjoy it for yourself at:

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