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A Certain Energy Numbs The Pain With ‘Novocaine’

What keeps us going here at Indie Band Guru more than anything is the passion of the artists we meet. The drive of these extremely hard working artists in the independent music industry drives us to help expose them to more fans looking for great music. One such artist is our friend Shain Richard Romanowski, also known as A Certain Energy.


If you seek a model to follow that is willing to work for everything he gets, A Certain Energy is it. Born in Guam and relocating to Indiana was an early obstacle but it probably acted as a catalyst for his drive. Always looking for more, Shain joined the United States Marine Corps to open up some new opportunities for himself. In late 2016, while stationed in Okinawa, Japan, he decided to take his music career seriously and started putting out his own music.


Last year, we featured his Work In Progress EP as a great start to a promising career. Now A Certain Energy is back with his newest single “Novocaine” released on March 2nd. It is the first track off his upcoming Glenwood Ave EP.



Relax With Some ‘Novocaine’ by A Certain Energy


Bluff Gawd was brought in to produce the track with LX Xander doing the engineering. The deep bass beat will grab you right off the bat. A Certain Energy spills the lyrical flow that draws you even deeper as you try to follow his story. He delivers it with such ease. The hook will set itself right in your brain and have you humming along.


There is something about the atmospheric and spacy tone of the beat that plays perfectly with the “Novocaine” theme of the song. Your body will find itself relaxing as your head slowly bops along. This is a song you find yourself hitting the repeat button on more than you can count.


More big things are on the horizon for A Certain Energy. He secured a placement on a track with Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes thanks to Red Label Records Founder D. LYNCH. Energy is also collaborating with Mickey Factz and Brooklyn native Kota the Friend on separate tracks. 2018 seems to have big things in store for one of our favorite hip hop newcomers.


Keep an eye on A Certain Energy and his music at:

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