‘Let’s Fly Away’ With Anjalts

Music is freedom and escape. When life creates problems, music is often the answer to help both the listener and the artist find something to hold on to and thrive with. We can all agree that we are in a strange and difficult time in our world right now. Fortunately, new discovery Anjalts has used this time to create the new single “Let’s Fly Away” to help us achieve some positivity.

Growing up in New York, the arts have had their hold on Anjalts (pronounced “Angeles”) for quite a while. She was writing theatrical plays at the age of 9, painting with oils for the last decade, and also writing poetry on human rights issues for years. She aims to share her own story in every way she can. The latest addition to this is her music. She keeps it straight with no auto-tune, no samples, or no over the top cursing. Just Anjalts.

July 19th saw the second single release “Let’s Fly Away”. The song came together for Anjalts during her cabin fever experience during Covid-19 stuck in Florida. She says “I wanted to just escape, anywhere besides staying in with so many restrictions that has seriously changed the way we live daily. I was just missing everyone close to me, and my escape, of course, was my music.

The track eases in with a chill atmospheric style. There is a trancelike feel to the sound as beats and interesting sounds come together to fill the full sonic space. The high-level production was crafted by Anjalts herself. As the song moves forward the power picks up speed and the vocals soar over the music for us to be led higher. This is a full experience to be swept away by.

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