Bittersweet Machines Show Us ‘The Stars And The Ground’

It ceases to amaze may how an artist can continue to churn out great music year after year. The immense creativity coupled with the drive to keep in the studio and recording is extraordinary. Somehow Bittersweet Machines just keeps releasing high-end music. 

The Greensboro, North Carolina native also known as Matt Mocharnuk has been making music since 2012 under the name Bittersweet Machines. We first discovered him in 2018 with his album No Bad Horizon. Earlier this month he popped back on the Indie Band Guru Radar with the single “Break Your Love Apart” which we covered HERE

Now Bittersweet Machines has shared the new full-length album The Stars And The Ground with us. This 11 track collection is said to be the sister record of No Bad Horizon. Both albums play with themes of reflecting on experiences from the past while looking forward to the future. The opener “You’re My Favorite” shows right off the bat how Matt is open to sharing his own station in life and deepest emotions. All this with a pop sensibility that welcomes all listeners in. 

‘The Fire In The City’ Burns With Bittersweet Machines

The emotions come out again on “Haunting Me” where a simple melody gives way to an anthemic chorus that fills the room. On “Fire In The City” we get a taste of the 80’s new wave influences that have become a big part of the Bittersweet Machines sound. How one man is able to produce all the sounds here is another impressive feat. “Some Things Can’t Be Undone” does this again showing off some intricate guitar meshed with a piano pounding beat and emotion-laden vocals. 

The bonus track “The One That Got Away” (exclusively on the Bandcamp version of the album) is a stripped down track that highlights the power of Matt’s vocals without anything getting in the way. His feelings are on his sleeve for everyone to relate to and share in his journey.

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