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Find Your Musical Inspiration

If you had the chance to watch the “The Beatles: Get Back” documentary, you get to see the trials and tribulations of a band stuck together in a room trying to write an album. Most bands reading this will not have the unlimited budget to sit in a studio for 3 weeks noodling around until gold records are formed. We have to find the songs much quicker and will use whatever it takes to find musical inspiration. Open your mind to some ideas to spark your creativity.

Songs may find their roots at home in the bedroom with an artist and his guitar but the music is never truly finished until it gets the studio recording treatment. The actual studios may have changed drastically over the years but the basics are the same. The most important thing will be finding the inspiration to complete the songs. This is not always easy. In this article we hope to share some inspiration for finding your musical inspiration.

One way that has always been a tried and true inspiration starter is the use of drugs. This may have caused major havoc in many bands but they served their purpose. With the legalization of marijuana in many areas of the world it has become a much more regulated tool. Now you can choose a specific strain that appeals to your creative mind. On the other hand, smoke has been regulated out of many indoor spaces, but modern developments have solved that as well. Finding quality herbal vaporizers can eliminate the dirty smoke and smell and just leave the desired effect of smoky inspiration. 

You should always come into the studio with some solid song ideas ready to expand. But sometimes they do not always pan out. Some of the best inspiration comes from just playing your instrument. Get your guitar in your hand and just let it go. Don’t think, just play. When talented musicians get a room together to do this magic is known to happen. 

Sometimes you need to just take a mental break away from the music as well. When you focus too hard on any one thing it rarely comes to fruition the way you expect it to. Clear your mind and allow it to focus on something else. While in Canada I myself have turned to online gambling to break my musical mental block. Some of the best online casinos Canada can be found here. You don’t have to bet big. Just get your mind thinking about something that is not music.

Other times you need to activate your other senses besides your ears to find inspiration. Staring at the same 4 walls of a studio is not going to suddenly spark something. Get off your ass and take a walk outside. Open your eyes to the sights. Soak in the smells. Touch something that you normally would not touch. This sensory experience is known to awaken creativity. Let your mind open to the world trying to provide a muse.

The inspiration can be anywhere. Music is everywhere. Use these tips and anything else you can think of to create the best art that you can. And most importantly, just create. Finished will always be better than perfect. 

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