Jamie Alimorad – Pop Music With Heart and Soul

It is often very obvious when an artist is willing to put all his heart and soul into his songwriting.  If this is accompanied by a great voice the results can be staggering.  This is the music that reaches the masses through mainstream radio.  One such artist that recently caught our attention is Jamie Alimorad.

The singer, songwriter, and producer first started sharing his music back in 2009 throughout the Boston club scene while a student at Northeastern University.  Jamie Alimorad was dedicated to the craft and earned a Music Technology degree while there.  His musical style is on the adult contemporary side with heavy leaning towards pop music.  The best asset of Jamie Alimorad has to be his strong voice though.  It has an inviting quality that welcomes the listener into his world.

Jamie Alimorad Soothes The Soul With His Vocals

Plans are for another full-length album this year.  We have already been treated to the debut single and a beautiful music video for “Rock Me To Heaven”. Enjoy it here:



The track opens with a beautiful atmospheric sound accompanied by Jamie Alimorad’s soaring yet soothing vocals.  The build up is powerful leading to a nice harmony with a female vocalist that explodes into a large sounding chorus.  There is a lot going on in the background that is mixed very well forming a completely encapsulating song.

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